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Stunning header

Stunning header for all pages

Stunning header appearance is controlled via Customize > Stunning header section.

This options are applied for all page types and are settings by default.

Elements visibility 

Here you can manage stunning header elements visibility:

  • Show stunning header – you can enable or disable a stunning header for the edited section.
  • Show breadcrumbs – you can show or hide breadcrumbs under the title text.
  • Show title – you can show or hide a title inside a stunning header section.

Color settings

Click on field to choose color or clear field for default value.

Background color

Here you can select custom background color using a color picker. 

Background image

Here you can upload your custom background image.

Padding from Top/Bottom

This is space from page title to the top and bottom borders.

Important: write number with the prefix px

The stunning header for a separate page

It is possible to customize stunning header styling and components inside each page. These settings are higher by priority than ones in Pages. Choose the Page you want to edit, click “Edit Page” or go to Customize> Stunning Header sections. 

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