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Blog page

To create a blog page that will display all your blog posts go to admin panel Pages and click Add new.

Give a title to your page and after that choose Blog in Page Attributes>Template

If you want any content displaying before your posts you can put it into Visual/Text editor or add it with Elementor Page Builder.

When you are done, click Publish and get your blog page.

Now you can adjust your blog settings.

Blog page options:

  • Choose the position of your sidebars using Sidebar Picker

Type of pages pagination:

  • Number links – shows the page numeration
  • Load more ajax – shows the Load more button
  • Order – Designates the ascending or descending order of items
  • Order posts by – Select the sorting parameter
  • Categories – Choose the post categories you want to be displayed on your blog page
  • Exclude selected – if checked the categories selected above will not be displayed on your blog page
  • Items per page – set number of posts that will be shown per page

Adjust Header Options:

  • Change settings? – settings will be changed only for this page. If turned off, general settings will be applied.
  • Absolute placed Header – set the header over content
  • Header opacity – used when Absolute placed Header option turned on, controls header background transparency.
  • Select menu to display – select one of the menu you’ve created before under Appearance>Menus (more detailed here)

Stunning header:

  • Change settings? – settings will be changed only for this page. If turned off, general settings will be applied.
  • Show stunning header? – controls the panel with page title and breadcrumbs under the header
  • Padding from Top/Bottom – set the padding of stunning header
  • Background image – image that will be displayed on stunning header background. Select given pattern or upload your custom image
  • Expand background – expand or repeat the stunning header background image
  • Background Color – set the stunning header background instead of image
  • Text Color – set the title and breadcrumbs font color

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