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Portfolio options

Single portfolio options let you control display of the single portfolio items. They are located under Customize> Portfolio options tab.

Primary portfolio page

Lets you choose main portfolio page. Once you set the page, there appears Shapes icon between the navigation links. You will be redirected to the selected page on click over this icon.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need custom settings on selected portfolio items, you can customize them in the page editor of the single portfolio item.

Thumbnail / Slider align

Lets you choose position of the portfolio featured image or image gallery.

Show Like 

 You can enable or disable likes on page.

Show date

Lets you enable/disable portfolio date of creation.

Show share icons

Lets you enable/disable social share buttons on page.

Show related items

You can activate related portfolio items at the bottom of the page. You can also set custom title for this section.

Enable inner navigation

Lets you enable links to previous and next portfolio items.

Background image

Select one of images or upload your own pattern.

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