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Post formats

You can control your post style with the ‘Post Format’ option. The topTen theme supports the most common WordPress post formats, you can read about them here:  https://codex.wordpress.org/Post_Formats

To choose of what format will be your post, just select desired one from the radio-button list and start filling the content

Let’s overview all post formats represented in the theme.

Standard Post Format

Use it to create a simple post with regular style. It is default post format and no ordinary options required.

Video Post Format

Displays video player on your blog and post page.

Just add the link to YouTube or Vimeo video in appeared Video post options:

Audio Post Format

Displays audio player on your blog /category/ post page.

Enter link for audio that will be embedded

Quote Post Format

Displays a quote block on a blog archive page.

Add a quote in a visual/text editor and fill in the fields appeared after quote post activation

Link Post Format

Allows to show post linked to another page/site.

To create link post, add the text you want to be displayed on blog into text editor and wrap it with the link

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