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[Olympus] Version 3.3 released

In the current release were made 3 global changes, which we want to describe the highlights.

The Top User Menu was highly improved

We add the possibility to create your custom Top User Many with adding default links:

  •  Profile Settings
  •  Account Settings
  •  Widgets Settings
  •  Change Avatar
  •  Change Cover Image

With the new update, you can add it to your custom Top User Menu, mix and move them between each other, change their icons and titles.

All new options are located under Appearance > Menus > Top user menu

All options were moved to Customize Panel

Options from the Appearance > Theme Settings were moved to Customize Panel, so it’s more easy to find them.

Theme design options let you control different design settings across the site. You can reach it via Appearance>Customize menu in the backend editor or by clicking on the “Customize” link on the top black admin bar in the frontend.

We highly improve Olympus Login Form

We improved the short-code of this form for Elementor and WP Page Builder. Now Olympus Login Form have many options, so you can customize it to fit all your needs.

Also, we’ve fixed lots of bugs in this update:

  • the stunning header for Members Newsfeed
  • missing styles for social login buttons
  • the profile tab icons in mobile view
  • warning on the blog pages when Ajax Categories filter is enabled
  • the notification panel
  • youtube video posts
  • the comment section on Youzer activity page

Thank you for your help with our product development!

Keep healthy and stay tuned.

[Olympus] Version 3.1 released

First of all, we’d like to say thank you for your help with our product development. We’ve received a lot of requests for various options and plugins, so we’ve adjusted our release a bit according to your wishes. However, our main priorities have been and continue to be improving compatibility with plugins, improving speed and clear settings options.

In the current release wasn’t made as much as in version 3.0, but still enough to describe the highlights.

The button for login/registration was redesigned and its logic was improved

There was added an option “Login | User Menu section” to Customize > Header options, where you can adjust the interface of this element

Here you can change the icon for this button:

and choose what to display in the Sign-in popup form:

  • a standard Olympus Sign-in form (which options we’re going to expand in future)
  • a native Youzer Sign-in form, which can be adjusted under Youzer Panel > Membership Settings > Login settings

  • a Sign-in form, which generates by Digits plugin
  • also, there was added a possibility to use shortcodes for other Sign-in form plugins

In addition, we’ve upgraded all the pop-ups logic. This was done to make our theme no more depended on large third-party libraries (jquery, bootstrap, etc), but use more modern react javascript. Although, we are not ready to boast of the radical speed up of the theme yet, but are slowly moving in this direction.

We’ve fixed lots of bugs from the list you gave us in this update:

  • notices on Youzer pages
  • missing icons
  • some untranslatable phrases
  • Search styles
  • styles for Message button in member profiles
  • the background colour of Youzer boxes in the mobile version
  • styles for Youtube Videos in blogs
  • bugs in the notification panel
  • styles for Upcoming Events widget
  • styles for Left Menu on IOS mobile devices

Select for builder with demo content

Surprisingly, having added support for Elementor in the previous update, we noticed that many users still want to use WPBakery builder. Therefore, in the current version, we’ve added the option of choosing which builder you’d like to use in the demo data while installing

Demo templates for Elementor plugin

For those who do not want to install the demo data, but want pages built with Element to look like on our demo, we’ve added templates of main pages and sections.

You can find them in the theme package in the ETC folder

Besides, plenty of preparatory work has been made for further improvements. Keep healthy and stay tuned. More will be soon. 

[Olympus] Version 3.0 released

Above all, this update is highly significant for us because we’ve started a new story in Olympus theme development with it. 

Recently, we’ve made lots of changes to this theme. Although it may not be so noticeable at first glance, it is a crucial basis for further faster and more meaningful Olympus development. So, we’re going to provide each update with a short press release, whose the main aim is to inform you about what exactly has been done and its purpose. Besides, we’d like to discuss our plans with you and receive your feedback, which definitely helps to focus on your needs and improve our product. Well, let’s have a look at what was done and why.

Added the Elementor integration.

All demo pages built with the WP Bakery page builder in the earlier versions of the theme are now available for the Elementor builder.

With the help of the famous Elementor frontend editor, you can now view al changes in live mode. Apart from integrating the original Olympus blocks with Elementor, we have revamped and advanced their options, which greatly affected the overall theme performance.

Moving options to Customize panel

We’ve started to work on moving all the theme options from the back end ( Appearance > Theme Settings ) to Customize panel ( Appearance > Customize ).


Initially, we planned to locate styling options in the Customize section and other options in the Theme Settings. However, at this stage of WordPress and themes development, we realize that this decision was wrong as it led to making theme options more complicated and confusing than expected. Therefore, we’ve decided to move all options to one place – Customize panel.

What was changed?

Remove “Panels” section from Appearance > Theme Settings Screenshot

But, all these options are still available and work as previously. Now they are in the Customize section, which is more logical and simple,  from our viewpoint.

Changes in the Customize panel

  • added additional sections for adjusting Left Menu Panel and Plugins options. Also, the section Top Headers was renamed to Header options.
  • added options for the third accent color and changing icons color to Customize > Colors.
  • moved an option for changing the background color of the Left panel from Customize > Colors to Customize > Left Menu Panel.
  • added options to select icons and change its colors for the Left Menu Panel.
  • structured headers options under Customize > Header Options.

Added icons font.

Despite excellence and modernity of svg-icons, we decided to add icon font to the theme, which helped to expand the possibilities of using icons in different theme blocks and modules. 

Additionally, redefined Youzer icons now have a color change option under Customize > Colors > Icons Color

Moreover, adding the icon font helps to reduce the server loading.

Currently, using the icon font is available for adding icons to the menu, as well as to the Elementor blocks.

Started site speed optimization.

We’ve started working on improving speed site indicators. This is a complex and time-consuming process that we’re planning to move from update to update. In the current update, we put efforts into improving JS scripts, uploading images, and deleting some JS plugins. Also, We added standard lazyload for images.

A lot of bugs fixed.

  • Fixed options for changing header elements colors.
  • Fixed an option for changing the header background for the responsive menu.
  • Fixed styling bugs in Events Calendar, search form and Shop. 
  • Updated JS plugins versions.

What next?

In future Olympus updates, we’re going to continue site speed optimization, which is one of our priorities. Besides, we aim to work on the Olympus integration with several WP plugins, such as LMS-plugin, WPForo, and so on.