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How to Translate Theme and Plugins to Your Language Right

First, we want to show you how to change your language in WordPress. 

Let’s see. I will try the German language. Go to the Settings > General.

You can change the language in one Site Language. You can go and change your language quickly and easily.

Click on Save changes and let’s see what happens.

You can see that some things have been translated here, and some things have not. Click on the Customizer and this should all be translated into German.

This is how you can translate your site. After that, you can go to the Loco translate plugin and you can edit the translation if you feel like the translation is not accurate.

Free plugin Loco Translate

This plugin is active on over 1+ million websites. It’s got amazing reviews and it’s really easy to use it in order to build a custom translation or fill in the gaps of a translation.

How to install Loco Translate

Now let us show how to translate/edit other strings via the “Loco Translate” plugin. First of all, please install and activate the plugin from the WordPress repository.

How to Use Loco Translate

After installing and activating, go to the plugin`s settings

When you go to the Home of this plugin you can see a list of your active theme and plugins. It shows the child theme and a list of your running plugins.

When you click on Themes, you see all themes that you installed.

Click on Create template and then right here we just need to click it again Create template

Now you can click on New language and now it’s can it take you to this screen where you need to choose a language.

Important: in ‘Choose a location’ you need to choose ‘System’

Then you just click on Start translating and you’ll see all available strings. You can search for different strings of text. 

After translating the string, don’t forget to click Save!

It’s the same with plugins. When you click on Plugins, you see all plugins that you installed.

Choose the one you need to translate, for example WooCommerce. Click New language and choose the language you need.

Important: in ‘Choose a location’ you need to choose ‘System’

After translating the string, don’t forget to click Save!