Cloudflare is an intermediary between the website and the user, which simultaneously protects the client server and accelerates the website page’s speed performance for visitors. For example, while using Cloudflare admins of small websites get rid of the need to spend money on the server and protect against DDoS attacks. Cloudflare takes care of and filters requests similar to attacks. The service also protects all data passing through its network and guarantees their confidentiality.

Who has already encountered the problem of Cloudflare caching?

The danger threatens users who still do not use Cloudflare, or admins who use it incorrectly. In both cases, problems with the site will necessarily appear.

You can notice that the problem with Cloudflare is expressed in several ways. If the cache of pages is disabled, the admin of the website may encounter the following issues:

  • errors with Pagebuilders plugins (JS Composer, KingComposer, for example, sliders do not work correctly)
  • malfunction of plugins
  • problems with displaying Page Blocks that use JS
  • errors in scripts
  • problems with copying the data while using an admin dashboard (changes made by the admin are not accepted)

In this case, most likely you need to change the Cloudflare settings.

The Solution

Although the settings are not available in the Caching Level section, you can change them using Custom Page Rules. You can solve the problem of caching data by yourself without the help of support. Just follow the instructions.


  1. Enter to Page Rules Tab.
  2. Click to Create page rule
  3. Enter your domain name and choose Cache Level option
  4. Set BYPASS value and click to Save button.

Now the problem is solved. Cloudflare does not cache website pages. Your website will work flawlessly.

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