90% websites can be hacked in a few seconds

Websites on WordPress can be broken. Easily. Do not believe us?

Website security is one of the most important aspects of website safety. WordPress protection from hacking includes many ways. It is important to apply to everyone who does not want their site to suffer. The easiest way to damage a site is to use a simple and non-complex password.

How can your site be hacked?

As a rule, the mechanism of website hacking is the same. Someone writes a program that checks out all the possible variants of logins, IP, weak sides of servers and passwords.  One of the millions of scripts breaks the site. This script sorts all possible passwords: combinations of numbers, words from the dictionary, neologisms, slang and its own base of common passwords in automatic mode. Finally, it finds a vulnerable site with a simple login and password.

And the web-developer meets with one more unpleasant “bonus”. The hackers don’t wait until you see that something goes wrong. Often “backdoor” appears on your website. The reason is next. A high-qualified web developer will notice some difficulties with the site. In case the owner deletes all malicious files and changes the password so the hackers create a backdoor. So they always have access to the website.

What is the site waiting after the hack?

Most often the website can be used for next purposes:

  • Posts of dubious content, for example, viagra, adult content.
  • Sending spam e-mail messages to the subscribers of your company.
  • DDoS attack from your website
  • Malicious programs added to the website and downloaded to the user’s computer while visiting the website

What measures will be taken regarding your site?

  • Search engines like Google or Bing check the strange changes. The website can get the sanctions of search engines. SEO-promotion of a website becomes impossible. It is possible to catch long-term sanctions.
  • Hosting can close the site. If users complain about non-unique content on your site, spam or other actions and provide proofs, hosting has the full right to close your site.
  • To be on the list of hacked sites means that the website will significantly reduce the site’s ranking.

How the password should look like

The protection of the WordPress admin area is impossible without a well-created password.

  • The good password will be unique and long.
  • It includes numbers,  punctuation marks, symbols.
  • The password should be complex.
  • The key point is to use a word, that can’t be found in any dictionary.

The passwords like pass, 1q2w3e4r5t6y, 87654321, qwerty, abc123, 111111, 1234, your date of birth are not reliable, but many users continue to use them. Even using capital letters or a combination of numbers can’t ensure the security of the website. There is an example of a good password pcVaOF8r39. Of course, it will be difficult for you to remember such a password, but it’s worth to remember it for the safety of your site and the money invested in its development.

Do not forget to regularly update your passwords.

How to provide additional security for your website

  • Try Cloudways. This hosting platform guarantees maximum security for your site. You can easily choose the cheapest pricing plan because it’s enough for good website security. Follow the link. 
  • It’s recommended to have a website backup. Make backups every time you make significant changes to the site. So in the case of website content loss, you will an opportunity to rebuild it just in a few steps.
  • Isolate a site from the other. When one site falls under the malicious actions of a hacker, its neighboring sites will suffer no less. It’s one more reason to choose Cloudways because the service provides this opportunity.
  • If you can’t remember the password, save it in a reliable place. Don’t trust the app like Calypso. Besides the wide range of functionality, it doesn’t guarantee the security of your password.


Mostly, the security of your website is under your control. The risk of hacking a password is the easiest way to harm your site. Follow the recommendations above and your website will be protected.

It is necessary to find a balance between protecting the site and the convenience of its administration, so the security issue for many webmasters may bring some difficulties in remembering the password, but saves a lot of money and efforts. Hacking a website is not as difficult as it seems, so make life difficult for hackers and take the above measures.

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